The OverVIEW Challenge

Scan and email or FAX your monthly invoices (in excess of $500). We will do the research. If we cannot save you at least $1,000 per year, we will do the work for free. 

Please include ALL PAGES of the following invoices as applicable:

  • Telephone/Internet  (1 month)

  • Conference Calling (1 month)

  • Electric (1 month)

  • Natural Gas (1 month)

  • Cell Phone (1 month)

  • Office supplies (3 months)

  • Copier Lease & Service Agreement

  • Merchant Card Services (include American Express) (3 months)

  • Waste Removal (1 month)

  • Payroll Service Fees (1 month)

  • Business Insurance Contracts

  • Worker’s Comp. Declarations Page

Fax your invoice to 508-691-0311.  Or use this form and attach a PDF of scanned invoices. 

If you can provide a copy of your last bill as a PDF or JPG upload here.